Horizon (Feat. Elhae)


Never know

U should never know

What did I done today

And how was it yeah


I could imagine your complication

When I spit

Confess about the daily shit, yeah

Ain't got time to spend

Useless things just work it

I got time for ya hug me

and lay me down

Babe I'll wet that


Wanna get inside of your night

U can make me drown

Hold me tight

Take it, go take it baby

I'll believing u

Even when I go blind

I just wanna focus

U should never let the sunrise squander


I'm feeling u

You're feeling me


Now we don't have to talk, yeah

I'm calling your phone

I should make a wave

Then we fall in the ocean

I might have to call again

Never thinking about the other things

Oh baby don't waste it

I've been waiting all night long

We can take it slow

Ain't got mind

Lemme grab u more, deeper



No I don't want to let go

Wanna let go, no

No I don't want to let go

Want to let go no no no no

Baby I don't want to let go no

(I don't wanna let go)


You don't want it

You just keep talkin'

Like you know me baby

You don't know me

Whatever you say

Baby you gon' have to show me

I won't tell nobody

Meet me right here in the lobby

Tell your friends they can come party, party


Rubbing on your body

I love the way that you move it

No, baby ain't sorry

'Cause we 'bout to make us a movie

I don't know about you

But I know that I want you bad

Tell me how you feel

'Cause I love what we have



I love what we have baby

Don't you let me down

How can I explain this?

Come and make me wet by your under

I know you want me too

Don't hesitate

You're my home so baby take me there


Just come over

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