More Than What You Think

Don't leave me alone.
Please say that you need me.
I love you like this

The cosmos flowers that have bloomed are coloring the sidewalks again this year,
as if it's cast a magic spell.
The season I fell in love with you

Every day not being able to say anything was suffocating for me.
I was afraid to know your true feelings

On the way back home,
I look for your hand that's not there

* [YoSeop]
Don't leave me alone.
Please say that you need me.
I wait all night long for the phone call that ended

More than you think, I only have you.
Please don't stop this feeling/heart.
I love your more than anyone else.

The movie that we were planning to watch together,
I'm watching it by myself again.

The two glasses I have in my hands.
After realizing it I let out a sigh again.

Whatever I do, I am reminded of our memories

* [YoSeop]
Let me hear your sweet voice.
Please call my name.
I don't want to forget your tone.

What will I draw/take a photo of tomorrow when you won't be there.
Even when a number of seasons pass, I can only love you.

Oh, don't leave me baby
There's no meaning if you're not there
Never forget your voice
Your voice when you laugh, when you're mad, when you're crying
Even though time has passed I still can't forget it
Feel lonely for you
Once more, please call me again
Can you let me listen to it again tonight

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