Tunnel Vision Freestyle (Kodak Black Remix)

Ain't nothing but some Northeast shit going on
Kobe year, black mamba shit, assassin nigga
Murder, who gone check me
Not a soul, line em' up
We got em' line em' up

[Verse 1:]
My bitch call my phone she be trippin'
I'm prolly off the drugs
So I don't listen
I be off the lean no prescription
Niggas hate cause they not in my position
I do this for my niggas in the system
My dog ain't coming home
But I miss him
My bitch prolly yellow Lisa Simpson
Can't be faithful
I was raised by this pimpin
I be getting head from hoes they kissing
They judge me but they don't know nothing about me
It's time to take another trip to Cali
We came from smoking dope
Up in the alley
& now we out here cheifing in the valley
I still ain't signed a deal
But I got options
& you know cuzzo just went pro with boxing
I know my time is coming
Got a feeling
Trying to check my bank account
& see some millions
You can see it in my eyes
I'm on a mission
Or maybe baby that's that tunnel vision
I tell lil bro Tramell that nigga one day
He going to make it to the league
& Play on Sunday
Charged me for some shit I never heard of
But I don't know a thing except omerta
90's baby me & Bryce would watch the Sandlot
& he been with me ever since the sandbox

Yea, northeast shit, sandbox shit
From baby bottles to Henny bottles
You hear me

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