I'm such a ruthless person.
Look at way I'm angry right now, and how I got drunk last night.
I can't remember ever being this way.

Everytime I acted that way I tried to fight it.
The words I couldn't say became scars that wouldn't fade.
Why did I do those things, why didn't I understand when I was told endless times?

This can't be the ending, I'm afraid it'll end this way.
I'm the one that crashed into a wall that wouldn't fall.

It's too late for my apologies.
They're just ways to defend myself, to keep me from falling.
This is just for a momentl, I kept acting the same way.
Even when I was told endless times.

I guess I was afraid you wouldn't be able to live withouot me.
Now I'll show you that I'm not the one.
I can live just as well without you.

To me, ending it was a good choice so I won't be returning.
Being kept up in a cage was suffocating me.

We should've ended a bit quicker. Then I would've gained my freedom a bit faster.
I feel sorry for leaving you, but I'm so happy this way.

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