I love you, You are only where I am not anymore
I love you, You are person who can't be tounched, but
I said it was hard, there were many sad voices
I wish there was no you without me
I abandonded those words

You are tough like this
The wait is so hard
To you I give one small present
I give you the stars in my hand

I can go on, I am not in the heavenly world
I can go on, I start the cold morning alone
You go on living without being in my heart
I hope that you are okay
You are still my love

The sky is sent to love
I worry about this love which I search for
Understand that it is tough, it is tough
It remains like that but that is how it was sent too

We are sent to and from the stars
We couldn't break up easily
That's the wasy it was
When we pass many more hours together
We can reach the stars

* (Repeat)

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