April Story

I never believed
I'd ever meet a day like this.
I've changed.

Thinking you're the one makes me smile.
I'm not nervous at all.
I don't even feel embarrassed.
I want my breathing to continue to bother you.
This shaking feeling, I want to send to you.
I want to be close to you.
last line!

Rap) I'm keeping your face in mind
during the times when I can't stop thinking of you.
I wanted to stay by my side
to keep the happy feeling that grabbed a hold of me.
I'm like transparent glass that can't escape anything.
Mysterious eyes that glanced at me are the ones I like,
even when I laughed foolishly.

I want it to me just you and me,
so I could sing you splendid songs to make you happy.
I'll allure you with my warm sight and
attract you with my low voice comforting like the rain.
If I met you today,
if you approached me first,
I'm going to speak the word that's on the tip of my lips

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