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And He Gets the Girl

Lupe Fiasco

(Hold it now)
Get up and walk up to her and say
(Go over there)
Hi, that's all you gotta do is say hi
That's all you gotta do, say hi

[Verse 1 - Lupe Talking To Girl]
Well, I know I'm not the coolest
And this might sound kind of foolish
'Cause I know I'm not the smoothest
Told myself I shouldn't do this

'Cause I'm not very well suited
Not the popularist of students
We ain't in the same crowd
Always see you with the hoopers

But we got the same lunch
You might see me with the cooler
That's 'cause I don't eat pork
You can never be sure
Oh, you like Linkin' Park
That's the hat from the tour

I got a autographed shirt
They wrote, "Much love to ya"
Man that's really funny
How we like tha same music
But I really love jazz

I was gonna play the tuba
I tried to join tha band
They said I was really really bad
Didn't really make me sad

I'm used to being the loser
But you, I think you're super
So much I had to pursue ya
I don't believe the things they say
Or the football teams rumors

Tha quarterback can't spell
I'm his after school tutor
I just took a cue from cupid
Now I think it's stupid
I'm sorry

And then I walked away
Thinkin' that she would never talk to me
Like what were you thinking?
Bringing up the band

You would have got a better result
If would have just beat her up and ran
You shouldn't have worn your glasses
Take your shirt up out your pants
See, now it's all over
And you won't get another chance, damn

I was so close to her
Then I felt a hand on my shoulder

[Verse 2 - Girl Talking To Lupe]
She said I know you're not the coolest
But I swear you are the cutest

And I know you played the tuba
I seen you at the recital
It takes a lot to get up there and embarrass yourself
But you shouldn't put down you should merit yourself

That's just mean you not a punk
I like the loneliest monk
Hest the wallpaper on my computer
I love final fantasy

I hate first person shooters
(Me too)
Meteora was nice but I bought Hybrid Theory twice
Half of tha cheerleading squad is in the stouper

Tha only reason I do it 'cause of my mother
Took state when she was a junior
And she want me to du tha same so I'm like naw
I wanna be an oncologist and diagnose tumors

I gotta a pet parrot his name is Mister Tuna
My favorite food is fish
Remember that for the future
My IM name is Miss Luana, you can hit me after six
(How you feelin' right now?)

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
Come see more, we have things to do
(How you feelin' right now?)

[Lupe Talking]
And just like everything in life
Things grow
People grow
And people grow apart
It's like some things....
Were just never meant to see
But...then again
Maybe some things are

Hold it Now

[Verse 3 - Lupe Talking With Parents]
You know today gonn' be the coolest
And you know how far your school is
Know how dangerous the flu is so button up your coat
And finish off your breakfast
You know how important fuel is
Food is to humans as buoyancy's to boat
I knew this
Everyday we gotta go through this
And I ask why you quote.."Cause I'm your father Lucas"
Pop last night I was looking over the futures
Commodities is failing
Rental properties is selling
The bio-tech marketshare is at its hugest
I think we should ride this wave
We can't reinvent the rubix
We should of played her more music
Lucas dear why's your bookbag full of tulips

[Lupe Talking to Mother]
Who are these flowers for?
Well ma, see theres this girl
And I was thinking I might walk to her
You know talk to her
Discuss different things that would talk to her
And see what makes her tick

Hey!!! Yeah

You know momma?
It's funny right?

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