Beauty (Feat. Noreaga & Joel Ortiz)

[Intro: N.O.R.E. (Raekwon)]
(Yeah) Yeah, Shallah Raekwon
It's the God Father Pt. 2, Self esteem
(Lex Diamond) Plus degree, (Uh huh)
(Raekwon) Add on to my attribute
(Star H.M.G., Get money baby, Let's Go)

Ayo, Peace Lord, Peace to the God, You know today's math
I know today's lab, Bag it in a grey bag
Straight coke is optional, Jungle gym obstacle
You get locked, You get dead, Or end up in the hospital
Dapper Dan, Gucci, Valore shit, And more shit
Both hands is numb as fuck, Bag'n all the numbers up
Queen's niggas Mosalium, Jewy from the Coliseum
Fat Cat, Pappy Mason, Niggas wanna be em
See rap was secondary, Money was necessary
Until I got incarcerated, Type scary
Until I see my life just flash, Type scary
Ninety-six came home, Ninety-seven album
Made niggas proud to be from New York housing
Born alone die alone, I ain't got a pot to piss in
Became friends with baking soda, Arm & Hammer craziness
Started learning cooking up, Cooking up, Cooking up
Nose feeling like it's high, Door open windows up
Out of state money was coming great, We sold weight
Another scramble, Commonwealth Law gamble
We out touring, Leave the hood now the hood boring
Niggas still doubting my greatness, My great shift
Learn ambidextrous ways and trade spaces
Nike's no Asic's, No Botox, No face lifts
Rich niggas, Poor niggas, Yall should switch places
Learn how it feels to be living broke with no hope
Learn how it feels to be living rich with mad shit

Yo, The software license is great, Better six
Flip the new five or roll up, Then live through the tape
Straight from the dungeons of Hell, A lot of Vikings
Some couldn't sell, That's when I took it for self
I'm only just nineteen rolling with eight, Individuals
Most of us rob, Pulling guns, This is my gate
Four shottys, Two lasers a plate, Chewing
Start a movement, Keep doing what your doing
Niggas are straight, We like Shar Pei in prestigious face
Love diamond rings and apes, Big money, Coffees and tapes
Play'n, You get sprayed in the lake
Hog tied and scraped, Chop fingers off you and skate
That's the breaks, Wipe body S's, Escovitch fish
With a Spanish blessing ??, The more I make
Live through the babies, Busting my gun for sure
This is Paidees, Somebody gotta die today B
Rosй pouring, The hardwood floor, Incents
The crisp three-eighties, Gallons of French shit
Pour more my niggas, Eat up, This is like peanuts
Catch us in cells somebody beat up
With only one class, A piece of hash, Tiny bit of reefer
Fresh sneakers, Stressing for ass
Write mad letters in slabs, Niggas'll be home shortly
Keep cool, The niggas get bagged
We live a poor life, Rich in the heart, Kitchens is dark
Cooking white, Polices, Bitches, And narqs
Foul play yo, Big guns and cigar
The message repent them sins, Quick fast then mention Allah

[Joell Ortiz]
No friendships when my pen twist, They lose interest in your mention
My entrance was smooth but it can shift to anger
Bag ya, I'll rearrange ya, Stranger, Danger
I embrace well, Joel don't take L's
I take pain pills for them migraines
This wild game put me in a whole different mind frame
Define lame, Okay, It's rat, That's the proper answer
Besides a couple cats it's just a whole lot of dancers
Well I'ma be the cancer see this swagger shit is dumb
What good is looking fly if you rapping like a bum
I'm immaculate it's fun, What you chat'n from your gums
Is bullshit, But that's okay the matador has come
I navigate a track and make you armatures a crumb
I'm magic with the tongue, Abra Cadabra and you done
I don't know what kind of comic book you characters is from
But I emcee, Let the piano crash in with the drums

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