[Intro: Raekwon]
Let's do this shit, man
Word up, let me get this dutch out
Yo look, stupid motherfucka got bagged across the street, look at him
He a fucking clown, I told that nigga, man, damn, man

Ayo, son a asshole, he just got bagged
Tried to fuckin' tell a nigga, yo, he just laughed, I smoked me a bag
I felt bad, but yo, I had still had to call up his dad
Yo dun, your son got rocked with thirty one cracks, he just spazzed
Dropped his corn beef hash, call granny up
Actin' like he hear me, "Yo Rae, call us a cab"
You mad, you not getting me to go with your ass
Trying to walk up in the preacher with your smoked out ass
We got there, nigga scratching his beard, yeah
You got it from here, I'm airin', I won't be the victim you flash
Picture this shit, this dumb ass
Get to pointin' niggas out, talkin' whoomp, whoomp, whoomp, I blow past
White cops staring at me, by then, they threw the fare at me
I was just a dare, Mr. Woods, ear tapped me
Yo, holla at me, Priest surrounded me, then popped collars at me
I was on some bullshit, laughing
Questionin' the size of me, shorty, pop singin' like the Isley
He all high, and his eyes won't lie to me
Yo ride with me, yo, you wildin'
Cops is on the floor out of it, I'm like a child in a robbery
Yeah nigga, popping your shit, keep poppin' your lip
That little white crust, fell off his fit
You just an asshole, fuck you Rae, fuck all them niggas in the building
That never kept it real with a play
Not the frame, Rae, analyze the picture, you'se a bitch nigga
Your son, your life, they all gon' get ya
Let's talk business for what? Get off them niggas
They don't respect you, I'm the cat paying ya bitches

[Chorus: Raekwon]
Niggas that be snitchin' on the block, kid
Son, you gotta just be watch your move
Niggas don't be having no respect, kid
The'll try to knock you off, off
Taking it right to your mom's apartment
Jumping out on the front of your whip
So many niggas all in your business
Now the system on your dick, quick

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