95 Like Dat

95 like that, like that
95 like that, like that

[Verse 1]
95 scholar, straight shots, gold medallion
Put your number on this paper promise I'mma dial it
Cute college chick, daddy was a doctor
Word through the grape vine she datin' a rapper
Entertainer, Avonlea she never after
So I entertain her late night with laughter
High, ten after midnight, it's bedtime
You could say I stole her heart
I just call it bedtime
No rush, just relax your mind
You are now listenin' to sounds of a better rhyme
Benz and driver, mosh pit in the lobby
Girls so horny, that's my type of party
No ties, mob shit, suits and ties
Crap table, Vegas, vampire nights
I'd marry you tonight just to say we did it right
Waking up with regrets, roll over, she be like:

“Why you never call me back?”
Sometimes it just be like that
Can't promise you the world
but I can promise you half of that
Sometimes it just be like that
All the rumors you heard
I ain't got no time for that
Shit, I ain't got no time for that
And you ain't gotta cry, dry your eyes,
We gon' get through that
Trust, we gon' get through that
95 like that

[Verse 2]
Reservations, call, reserve a table
I like gator, snake skin, Purple Label
Polyester, black berretta, who do it better?
For my niggas caged up, writin' them letters
Lower level, reportin' live, Channel 11
No emergency, but I'm in a 9-11
Falsetto, girl scream, a rare fellow
Pull up to the scene bumpin' only instrumentals
And we know it
Times flies when you fly in first class all the time
And we know it
No time for the games, dollar signs on my mind
And we know it
Eye for an eye and killa just tryin' to stay alive
And we know it
Gotta learn to live or regret, I regret some times


95 like that
95 like that
95 like that

[Verse 3]
Litigations, black faces, lawyers, brief cases
Agents top notch, paid investigations
Fire Dorf Todd, block shots, Anthony Davis,
Raww the greatest, acres, no neighbours
Die so many times, hope we do better next time
Think about it, dog, next time you drop a dime
Better ride, said she'd rather fly
Always asking me the same thing all the time


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