Everyday Prayer

Well it always comes to this,
So busy living life
I become the god of my own storylines
And with excuse after excuse
About having no time for You
I run round in circles til I stop for breath

I sit down to decide, to plan, regroup, re-strategize
Having forgotten it's no use
So of this tangled mess of strands that I've made of my life
Let me pick the path that pleases You

Well it's no wonder that tonight
Like so many nights
With a vengeance Sister Sleep eludes me still
Trying to be the mastermind
Forgetting there's a line
Between letting and not letting go the wheel

But after all these years You're still here
I can see You now
Crossing Your arms, shaking Your head
Like a parent to a child
I spy a gentle smile as You
Let me pick the path that pleases You

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