Bird Chirp

That nigga be snitching
They got the nerve to call him a pitcher
If it was my time niggas would get ya
Throw the Cannon on your picture
Nigga freeze, Come out the V's and hand me that watch
I know you got cheese, You's just a mixture
A homo, That logo that you shine'n is a no-no
Be carful, Sleep with the po-po's yo
It's like it's just Easter
If you was deceased just cleat ya
You might get slapped with the meat cleaver
Don't run the streets neither
You can't shop with your bitch either
No dirty franks, No bras, Not even cheeba
Go ahead get movie caught up, Please son
They might find you in the ?
A dick in your mouth, Two franks stiff in the freezer
I never had respect, You had Visa's
You come through the hood, Jesus
There go this nigga with pieces
I should've just shot you for cheese sticks
Eat a dick you bitch, Nigga reach
I got you just breathe bitch
You won't get the front on Rich, I got cheese bitch

Word up, Cause we coming to get you nigga
Believe me, You won't be able to take a cab nowhere nigga
For real, Cause we gone be on you nigga, Ha haa
Word up, Word up, Honey mustard ass nigga
Ha ha ha haa, Doing all that rat-tat-tat'n
Stop it man, Word up man
This right here is protected by some real niggas man
With big hammers and big money man, Word up
So, Jus-jus-just move away from here man, Yaknawmean
We don't wanna have to come and get you and make you leave man
Word up man, For real, And I'm back man
I'm on some real heavy armored, Truck-Truck
Armored car shit nigga, Remember
Yall know what the fuck we do boy
Word up, It's on, Yaknawhatimsayin

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