J's on My Feet

Yeh, uh, uh one time one time one time for your goddamn mind

Walkin thru this world with js on my feet,
J js on my feet, j js on my feet,
Walking thru this world with js on my feet,
J js on my feet, jjjjs on my feet,
Walking thru this world with js on my feet,
Babes on my piece, slave on these beats walkin thru
This world with js on my feet, j js on my feet, j js on my feet

[Verse 1]
Cuz its a banger 2 banger 2,
Type of shit on pay per view butt naked she layin layin
Cuz she cant tame a zoo she wild she want my child
Don't touch that dial, I whisper in her ear it makes
Her smile, loud as I'm fuckin her,
Smooth like I'm in love with her,
Tingles up my spine everytime that I'm touchin her,
I love her like pussy, money,
Weed, when I'm hungry I will feed,
So for dinner she cooks food with 4 different types
Of cheese, in the sheets we have dessert until it hurts,
Feeling on her curves, I pet up on that pussy til it
Purrs, touch me touch me, I'm sure its her that loves
Me, cuz I could make the virgin mary fuck me.
[?] trust me, mac like bernie,
Having sex like will, fuck a freaky circus bitch while
She still wearin stilts, these js on my feet and these
Babes on my piece, see I have a different girl for every day of the week.

[Hook x1]

Girl mapquest my address to access my mattress,
I get girls straight outta the pageant,
No doubt that I'm smashin, I'm askin her name,
You a masterpiece girl and that ass is just flame,
She knows that I'm a rapper and her daddy's ashamed,
Wont let her out the crib boy hes actin insane,
She got that cute smile and she laugh at my name,
But wanna roll with my people let mac get that brain,
Yeah mac has that game so see how he plays it,
I face piff rap to a girl and leave her anxious,
Girls wanted me when I was chubby with some braces,
I bet they like me now cuz I got money and I'm famous,
The taste is delicious her lips give me kisses,
Throw her in the kitchen and she making me some dishes,
Her dinner ain't right, ill admit its smellin awful,
That girl can make a batch of belgian waffles a jawful.


Grab a ounce or bigger then I bounce like tigger,
Count 3 dollars up and grab a pack of some swishers,
I'm feelin' stoned got my cigarillo rolled

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