Heartbeat (Feat. Julian Jacob)

The way you look over your shoulder
The way you be calling me over
Never thought we'd be together
You got me good
You got me good
You got me good

Your eyes when they stare
They're making me sweat
Your lips starts the tune
Your love sings the rest

So come onto me
We'll see where this goes
Cause we're dancing in tempo
And my heart is crescendo
It goes like...

Du-dup-du-dup-du-dup...my heart goes
Du-dup-du-dup-du-dup...you make me
Du-dup-du-dup-du-dup...then we go
Making moves in the only way that we know

You say we're not good for each other
You think i'm better off with another
But what we have is amazing
So i don't care, i want you now
No i don't care

You don't know what you do to me,
You know that i'll be there whenever you need,
I'll always drop my bois for you every week,
So we can go makin moves however you please,

And i don't know if you'll come thru,
But i know that i wanchu, i wanchu, baby

Maybe we can start a new pact,
I'll do all the work and girl you can relax,
You know that i'll hit you up in a blink
Cause i know we fit, girl ya we sync

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