Who's textin' his phone?
I'm bought to go
All in this thang again
Why you keep slippin'?
Oh really?

[Missy Elliott:]
New Monica!
Let's go!

[1st Verse:]
Get yo hands off
My man
Girl you already know
Oh yeah
He's signed, sealed, delievered
He belngs to me, yeah
And I'll show up
At ya front door
(Sho' will)
He's my man
And I don't play this, yeah
'Cause he's seen
All the crazy things
That I do
(Hey, hey)
If I find out
You're the one disrespecting
His phone
I'm coming, coming, coming
Straight after you
Boy, I don't play these games

I'm the one that
Checks his
Yup, that's me, me
I'm the one
That checks his phone
When he falls asleep
Early in the morn'

Betta have a co-co-code
In yo phone
And lemme alone
WIth ya
I'm the one
That checks
Yup, that's me, me

[2nd Verse:]
Baby, why she textin' you?
Betta tell that girl
She betta gone
(She betta gone)
'Cause I already know
Who you sneakin' wit
'Cause I already
Got the code to ya phone
Whoo, hoo
And I'm not the one
You play with
'Cause you've already
Seen the thangs
That I do, yeah
So why you
Keep on, keep on
Playin' around
'Cause she gon'
Make me
Come after you

[Repeat Hook 1x]

Pictures that's
On yo phone
I listen to your voicemail
When you leave home
You lookin' real mad
'Cause I broke your code
Don't feel bad about it
You already know

So 'bout 5, 6, 7, 8
You stayed out late
Tried to be slicker
Still wanna play
But I know better
I knew right
Out the gate
And I ain't
Bein' ya fool

It's too late
I gotta make a move
I'mma bout to bounce
And you about
To lose
You can take back
All of the shoes
What? Not all of the shoes

[Repeat Hook 1x]

I'll break the code
And I'll call them back
You a liar
And I don't want you
No more
And I'm walkin' out
The door
Boy, bye-bye

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