Down in Hollywood

Well did you hear the good news
There's gonna be some bad blues
Somebody sat down and played it all night long
So go on and fill your brown bag
Put on all your clean rags
Let's go downtown and see what's goin'on
Bing, take me down to Vine Street
Stop when you hear the back beat
We'II sneak on past the bouncer at the door
Now I know he ain't lookin'
Not when that band is cookin'
'Cause he's watchin' the ladies dancin' on the floor


Down In Hollywood
Better hope that you don't run out of gas
Down In Hollywood
They'll drag you right out of your car and kick your ass
In Hollywood
There standing on a corner just waiting for a sucker like you
Down In Hollywood
If you wanna stay healthy, keep a movin' right on through

This stuff just started flowin'
And some girl she is showin everything she's got
Ooh it's a sight
Some men would give a week's pay
If she would just dance down their way
And say, "Baby, I'm gonna take you home with me tonight"

Now, outside the streets are shakin'
I hear a couple windows breakin'
Some poor fools gonna land himself in jail tonight
Well all the hookers tryin' to pull your coat
All the pimps reach out to cut your throat
There ain't no way out of here without a fight


Now Grandma told him not to go
Little sister told him too
But the poor boy just didn't listen like he should, that's too bad
Hitchhiked all the way from Burbank
Now he's gonna end up in the drunk tank
Some old man say "Well that's the way it goes Down in Hollywood"
Down in Hollywood Down in Hollywood Ooh down in Hollywood
Down in Hollywood Down in Hollywood Ooh in Hollywood
Down in Hollywood Down in Hollywood Down in Hollywood

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