Winter Diary

In my small room, shining brightly
is the white snow that during the night
With my two hands I rub my eyes
And wake up early this morning
On the fogged up window,
I laugh a joyful laugh
and draw first thing that I think of,
my name on the window
on the fog that surrounds my mouth.
I'll give you the rest of my endless whining
I was supposed to save all of my love on you..

I guess I love you
When this white snow falls
My heart grows cold.
It makes my warm heart colder, oh
If I wait for you
The white snow will fall
So that you can't come into my bad mind,
I think I'm hiding from you

Since you were always beside me
And you only loved me
Sometimes, secretly,
I had moments where I tried to erase your love
But even for one day
If you weren't in front of my house
My fragile mind would just get angry

I guess I was a fool
I'm always a little bit late
I made you tired
Now I'm feeling regret in a sorry mind
I guess I was a fool
I guess I have to say I love you
In my mind I guess another winter is finding it's way to me

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