Brazil (Feat. Ill Bill)

Wire cell frames on me, good Nike, yeah
True, alotta chains on, this is how we do the thing, enlight me
Clubbed out, bugged out, this is what them thugs bout
Bust off shotties, knock niggas mother's out
Rolling in them renters in winter, too much bones get bent up
The saw'll eat up, your chrome for dinner
We tasting VS's, very special Cognac since G.S.'s
Now we leaning Louis sneakers and C.L.S.'s
I'm far from your average rapper, yeah Shallah, hit with an actor
Cutting through your time, then slap ya
Yo, you see me on them Smack shits, all of my Skittles on
In black whips, living comfortable in some glass cribs
Word to Jabari, my junior, only two years old
Swimming with the sharks, I'm a feed you tuna
Your pops been a whale since jail
Was taking niggas out to Brazil

[Ill Bill:]
Where carnivale mamis is I'll
Take me to Paul Wall, buy me a grill
I got groupies, buying me Gucci's and exclusive Nike's, it's real
I stay biz in the kitchen with the Chef Rae-Kwiz
It's easy five mill or I'm a have to take they kids
I figured out how to rape the system, I made more than your album budget
Off of a freestyle, on this mixtape, a hustler
That understand dollars and cents
I get blowjobs from runway models in France
The rap Burt Reynolds, when I married the world troubles
Producing earthquakes, turning ya stone hedge to pebbles
The life we chose, the path we lead, ain't none of us'll
See heaven, that's our own guarantee
Never, rat on your friends, always keep your mouth shut
The back of the Benz, put this in your mouth, slut
I saw, I conquered, I came and I'm out
Laid it out, all on the tonsils, then skeet in her mouth

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