The Living Room

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
This is Lex Diamond nigga the boss all them niggas
With the levers is soft afraid to ask what it cost
Collar made out of horse hee-haw
Skeet in your wife's mouth bopped out the restroom and beemed off
Flawless jewels is real, I got jewels in my wheel
Eyes glued to your boo in her heels
The watch is [?] the hands don't tick
They roll, I'm in the Rolls [?] exercise your blinkers
You just a pussy I know, hiding behind big homeboy
So one catch the bullet I'm throwing
Sitting in Polo or Brooks Brothers
Cooling on our [?] how the fuck we know if your clique lovers
The story we don't know that just don't front
Or he'll blow that and I'll be like "I told you cause I owed you"
Flexing at the Colosseum, not the one on Jamaica Ave
The one up in my lab with no demons in it

[Verse 2]
You know the kid he stay fabulous car power
Catch him on tour few spartan's holding gun powder
Oops, let the Coupe in the duece, jump
Out with chains on, nope, just a check book and some boots
It's like The Musketeers of Pig Alley
I jump out, army, leather, beard like Stalley
A wise man told me to listen with vision
A General, old gold gangsters live in kitchens
Keith Hammers cocked, stay sucker free
Check me in the spot, glaciers on the thumb of my son
Take a camera shot, bumping tapes, rocking fur coats and 'gates
Window broke, base heads and capes
High power homies is real, blow a branch for ya'
Chef Cuba six bring out the tarantula
We like The Ringling Brothers posing in Nikes
Rocking big dumb knots, that's stupid spray your groupie up

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