The general public over the 18 shoulders began to re-
Dayong courage to pursue Nianba shoulders starting to ache
How much money to get some laughter make any
They seemed to have heard a weak heartbeat
Nausea Trendy but to engage in profligate youth gave
Why not blow on the trumpet would have been happy to eat and drink

Please change the atmosphere great pleasure screaming it you people (who would have to attack)
The responsibility you have found out you were invited people (who would have to explore)

When the NPC you have any (ha ha ha ha) laugh
A joke I laughed and said you may not want to laugh

Zhang obtained an identity card, but how many get respect
Do not permit carry things
We all heard a lot of twisted logic of a few reasons in
Had nothing to do would not make the task harder (rather Naqu fart)


I am a person you are the day you were bigger I (who have been Tsuburi)
I am the person you are bigger you today that I (who have been Tsuburi)

When the People's Congress of the anti-sense small
When the NPC has to know there is not good
When fairy tales were revealed to Canbei
I will still laugh shouting for joy when the treatment of preform

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