I Love School

A grey shadowed face and busy feet
There's a person that seems like I've seen him before
Is it a friend from long ago?
Sometimes I think of you

At first, that handkerchief that yellow nametag with my name on it
The picnic day that was so joyous, my forgotten backpack
The one from first grade that cried

The diaries I was supposed to read but haven't yet
but after tomorrow I have to go to school
I dont have an answer but time just goes by
I was thinking of the days of preschool which are now over

You're superman, I'm wonderwoman
On the side alley, we're really good friends
I want to see you, are you well?
I wonder how you look now that we've grown.. I'm curious

I think I like that tall guy from next door, even when I look from afar
My heart jumps I put a fancy letter inside of a desk
Our fearless years in middle school.

On the break during the second class, I eat lunch and then I'm hungry again
I take out the money I was supposed to buy a dictionary with and stand indecisively in the cafeteria
Am I a high school student


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