The road to my house is too long
I keep getting more exhausted
As soon as I opened the door I fell asleep
And when I wake up no one's there.

When I immersed my body in the small bath tub
A small snail
crawled towards me and in a small voice, whispered to me

One day, far away, later on I'll go to the far place
To the edge of the earth, that ocean. I'll go there
I didn't see anybody but inside my memories, somewhere,
I heard the sound of the waves
So I want to go there forever *

The road that goes anywhere by car
At the corner store, I
held one cigarette and a melting ice cream
and stood on the road

The sun is high and it's piercing me
A small snail
came up to me and greeted me
and hummed me a song

* Repeat

I gave everything, but..
like smoke blown away,
it drifts apart

The small remaining strength
is used up inside my last dream
so I could forget everything, forget everything
I'm going to go to the ocean.

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