Carry Your Throne

[Verse 1:]
Two crowns and a gold cup
And they're coming for the throne, love
But if your heart is a dog fight
Then I'm ready to go to war like

Rough sex in the courtyard
And your legs are the North Star
Church bells let me ring them
She looked back, said "baby this your kingdom"

If you're lost in this darkness
I'll carry your throne
No I won't let it swallow you whole

[Verse 2:]
They try to break inside the walls with
These lies but I'm pulling up the draw bridge
We rose this love from the dirt now
Set fire to the sky watch it burn down

It's a ceremony but the crowd's gone
And you got nothing but my crown on
Round 2, round 3 give me sequels
Every time you open the cathedral

[Hook x2]

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