Dope little boy, Unh!
Dope little boy
1, 2, 3

[Verse 1:]
Stay steady rockin'
Feel good flow with a half-pipe Jones
Baby watch me drop in
I think the key is to never feel locked in
Just as long as you comfy in the pocket
Kids explore options
Don't listen to the outside world, it's obnoxious
They will try to cut your balls with no topspin (get it?)
Mentally and physically, you need to stay clocked in

Dope little boy, boy
Don't believe any of their lies
Dope little boy, boy
They can barely sleep with themselves at night
Dope little boy, boy
Never ever will they break your flow
Dope little boy, boy
Just keep doing things from your soul

[Verse 2:]
(Yeah, yeah. This feels crazy)
I ain't on the guess list, cause I ain't a big deal
Mouth so Fresh Prince cause I gotta a stronger will
Smith and Wesson, keep bangin' on them, let'em feel
Everything you do and spread love til the grinned' real
Why, Look a live little boy? Cause you're up next
Now that I'm making it, these girls are sending dumb text
I won't change if ten-thousand and change
Scream my name at a show like I had a lot of rough sex
Please excuse the nerdiness, I'm flirting with a lot of styles
Exploring lanes so insane, at a hundred miles
I'm just a kid, scruffy hair, with a goofy smile
But I had developed tough skin, no crocodiles
In the process of dream chasing
I will make what I feel like making
Hip Hop to Pop is two languages
But I'm somewhere in the middle, so Spanglish
And if you're not putting out a good vibe
Stay the hell home cause we're trying to have good time
They say he's gotta climb, but he's been fine
Cause he feels good music in the air, wind chimes
Just know that my patience wearing thin
Cause from cockiness to retardation is thin line
Just know that I'm in it for the win
Cause I'm pushing real hard like I been ventured incline
Dilla and The Roots are stupid for this baseline
Two thumbs up. Woo! Great time


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