Catch Me If You Can

Yeah this, this feels good, um let the beat run
Let's just get into it

I'm on my grown man, maturity
Kids don't worry me
You gotta be kidding me
Opinions are like farts
Cause they don't mean shit to me
F.Y.I. orignality's been fried
You're reciting the last guys lines
Like it's cool to say the same thing twice
Yeah, nice. Bunch of Bob Barkers
Guarantee you sell out if price was right
So that's why I'm flipping words like I'm Vanna white
No doubt I'm out this rap coffin
Please don't try and pat, say jack what I'm offering
Sing, rap, produce, you could be put him on a wheel
Give'em a spin, yeah I swear that's my wheel of fortune
My brain skateboards, kick flips and back spins
Lying on your bars and I'm laughing
It might be hot if it actually happened
But this is the fa├žade we call average rapping

And I'm just trying to live my life
Sip a couple brews that's fine
So sick of my 9-5
But for now I'm gonna sip and rhyme
And I'm just trying to get away
This music is my holiday
So as long as I'm happy
You're not gonna stop me
Uh uh uh gonna stop me [x3]

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