[Verse 1:]
She's a lady when she shakes hands in the streets
But she's an animal once we're up in the sheets
And I never win in Mario Kart because cause she always cheats
Oh but that is okay because she's D.O.P.E
I have two parking tickets, she has forty-three
And all my friends they love her, she drinks more than me
And she really doesn't give a damn if I sing out of key
So baby what it look like, you're so D.O.P.E
Uh and she's the definition of my everything
I want to tell her so many things
Kick back, now I'm thinking about a wedding ring

She so dope, she so crazy
She's all mine so don't try to play me
Cause your hands have a hold on me
Cause you're so D.O.P.E. (D.O.P.E., D.O.P.E)

[Verse 2:]
I-I-I was trying to stick so close to the plan
Couldn't find my heart than it rose from the sand
So I propose a toast East Coast to Japan
Give you a massage for your soul in my hands
So much in common
She is mos def the stars to my comet
She so new age and far from the logic
That I can't find love and have it for eternity
Pick it up now
She could rock the hippy look she so outasight
I'm just glad I made the cut, I'm so samurai
Everything is cool with her, she don't need no candlelight
Dinner, she's a winner, we can kick it, chill at T.G.I
Fridays have a 2-for-1 but usually turns into 5
Who the hell is driving home, guess we got a taxi ride
Knock me out with a kiss like a jab
Cause it punch-drunk love in the back of the cab
And I can't feel my face
But you look so damn great


[Outro x2:]
D.O.P.E, D.O.P.E
And I can't feel my face
But you look so damn great

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