Bestie Goals, Foto Maudy Ayunda dan Patricia Davina 11 Tahun Silam Pancarkan Kecantikan Alami

Maudy Ayunda dan Patricia Davina sudah bersahabat sejak keduanya masih remaja. Saling dukung saat menikah, terkuak foto lama Maudy dan Patricia diawal-awal kenal.

WowKeren - Maudy Ayunda sukses mencuri perhatian saat menjadi bridesmaid di pernikahan sahabatnya, Patricia Davina. Biasa dilayani sebagai artis, Maudy tampak telaten mendampingi Patricia bersama bridesmaid lainnya.

Ia terlihat merapikan gaun Patricia yang tampil cantik menawan jelang dipersunting oleh Richard Danusaputra sang kekasih. Yang menarik, Patricia ternyata menjadi salah satu sahabat karib Maudy sejak keduanya masih belia.

Bersamaan dengan itu, viral foto Maudy dan Patricia disaat keduanya masih ABG. Tak dipungkiri, Maudy dan Patricia sama-sama cantik alami di masa muda. Patricia sempat menuliskan soal proyek kerjasama bareng Maudy.

"I’ve known Maudy for over 11 years now. Throughout all these years, she has not only been a source of sky-high inspiration for me but also one of the greatest support systems that i have. 💕," tulis Patricia. "Last year, we decided to do this project to highlight the importance of beauty beyond skin deep & mental health. We wanted to make tools that can positively change your lives by giving you the power to pause and self-reflect, organize and define your goals, and create intentional and meaningful changes.The guided journal was single-handedly developed, written, and designed by Maudy, while the brush set by maudy and me. Such a personal and heartfelt project for the both of us, and so lucky to be doing it with my bestfriend. @maudyayunda."

Di unggahan lainnya, Patricia juga mengungkap pertemanan dengan Maudy serta perasaannya saat sang sahabat menikah. Patricia rupanya ikut memberikan dukungan dan mengungkap kalau Maudy telah bertemu orang yang tepat.

"To my dearest best friend, We met when we were just 15 and bonded over our shared love of IB history. Since then, you’ve been there through all the ups and downs of my teens and mid 20’s crises," kata Patricia. "I remember the day you told me that you’d met someone at Stanford. I was full of apprehension - is he a toad or a prince? I wouldn’t know. It wasn’t until I got to meet him 2 years later, a couple of months before you got engaged, half a year more before you walked down the aisle, that I realized - you’ve really found the one. I love you two very much, and may you find a lifetime of love, growth, and happiness together."


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